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Busing & Transportation Service Levels & Fees

Service Levels & Fees


The fee of $365 that was posted was based upon the assumptions outlined in the CBE's 2019-20 Students Come First budget. A budget from Alberta Education was received on October 24 and was reviewed to understand the impact on our service level and fees.
For the 2019-20 school year, transportation service levels for the majority of CBE students will be similar to the current school year. We will continue to ensure the delivery of safe and efficient transportation for students.

2019-20 Transportation Fees

Students in the regular program, attending their designated school$365
Students in an alternative program, attending their designated school$365
Conditional riders$365
Students in specialized programs who can use general transportation services$365
Students in specialized programs who require specialized transportation free

Calgary Transit

All Grade 6-12 students assigned t​o Calgary Transit are responsible for purchasing monthly bus passes at a cost of $77/month. The Calgary Transit Pass Rebate Program has been cancelled.

2019-20 Transportation Service Levels

  • Students attending the Regular Program at their designated school will continue to access yellow school bus service within current guidelines, where feasible. This means that elementary students will access a stop within 1.6 km of their homes and middle school/junior high students assigned to yellow school bus transportation will access a stop within 1.8 km of their homes. The majority of students will access a bus stop that is approximately 500 m from their homes.
  • Students attending an Alternative Program will continue to access yellow school bus service within a congregated stop model. We anticipate the majority of students in larger alternative programs (French Immersion and Traditional Learning Centres) will have a stop within 1 km from home because of the higher density of student population within a community accessing these schools and programs. The longest distances to a yellow bus stop will be for students travelling across the city to a program at limited sites. These students may have bus stops located beyond the travel distance guidelines.
  • Students currently using Calgary Transit will continue to use public transit.
  • Mid-day kindergarten service is maintained for all programs.

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