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What is the Find a School tool?

The school locator allows you to search for CBE schools by address, school name, postal code, community, program, grade level and school calendars.

What is an attendance boundry? 

An attendance boundary is the blue shaded area (overlay) that appears on the map when you select a school. It outlines the communities that are designated to a specific school.

How do I find my designated school?

Type your home address into the Search by Address box and click the GO button. Designated schools will appear both with coloured pins on the map or in the list below. Simply click on a pin for more information or on a school name in the list below for more information about the school.

Note | Your designated school is not always the closest school to your home.

What is an overlay?

An overlay is a coloured transparent layer that appears on top of the existing map to help demonstrate specific boundries or regions. 

For example if you select a Search by Community and pick Nolan Hill, you will see a green overlay appear that outlines the entire community.