Alberta Government Announces Funding for New Schools and Modernization Projects

Mar. 01, 2024

​​​​​​The Alberta government has announced full, planning or pre-planning funding for four new schools and one modernization from the 2024-27 Three-Year School Capital Plan. 

The announcement includes:

Modernization Funding​​​​

  • Design funding for Annie Gale School​

New School Funding​​

  • Full funding for an elementary school in Evanston
  • Design funding for a high school in Cornerstone
  • Design funding for an elementary school in Redstone
  • Planning funding for a new middle school in Saddle Ridge​

“On behalf of the Calgary Board of Education Board of Trustees, students, staff and families, I would like to thank the Government of Alberta for today’s capital announcement,” said Board Chair Laura Hack. “These investments in infrastructure are vital to support student learning opportunities across our system."

“Over the past two years, we have welcomed more than 13,000 additional students into our system, and we continue to enrol new students every day. For this reason, we still have a critical need for more learning spaces. We will continue to work closely with the government on the ongoing capital needs and pressure points for the Calgary Board of Education.”

The 2025-28 Three-Year School Capital Plan will be presented and discussed during the March 5 and 19 public board meetings and will include requests for 21 new schools to accommodate rising student enrolment. The plan can be viewed in the board materials on the CBE website.​