New School Named Sibylla Kiddle School

Oct. 25, 2019

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CALGARY – Sibylla Kiddle School is the name of the new elementary school being built in the community of Cranston. The Board of Trustees of the Calgary Board of Education approved the name for this school, expected to open in September 2020.  

Sibylla Kiddle (1919-2010) was a Crescent Heights High School graduate.  In 1936, she completed her teacher training and began teaching in a one-room school south of Calgary where she taught three daughters of the Cranston family. Kiddle married Lloyd Cranston in 1940.

After a break from teaching to raise her two children, Kiddle became a kindergarten teacher for the Calgary Board of Education. In her free time, she enjoyed knitting and handicrafts that she would donate. As an active member of the Rebekah Lodge, Kiddle baked for patients at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and volunteered many hours performing eye exams for kindergarten children.

The school naming committee recommended this name to the Board of Trustees after gathering and evaluating stakeholder input on possible names.  The school naming committee is comprised of CBE Trustees, parent and/or community representatives and members of CBE administration.

Sibylla Kiddle School will serve students in Grades K-4 when it opens and expand to Grade 5 in September 2021.

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