Feb. 28, 2022


COVID-19 Health Measures Update​ 

Dear Parents/Guardians

Over the weekend, the province announced it would move into Step 2 of its three-step approach to lifting additional public health measures on Tuesday, March 1.

In the coming days and weeks there will be changes in CBE schools and workplaces. Information will be shared with families as other decisions are made.

Masks in Schools

Effective Tuesday, March 1, the indoor masking requirement will be removed. Staff and adult visitors are no longer required to wear a mask in CBE schools and workplaces; however, individuals will be supported if they choose to wear a mask. There may be some circumstances where masks are required that align with Occupational Health & Safety guidelines.

Please note, students over the age of 12 are still required to wear masks while riding Calgary Transit.

Daily Health Checklist

The Daily Health Checklist remains in place. Anyone who is feeling unwell should continue to stay home. In our schools and buildings, everyone should continue to follow proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

We know families will have questions and are eager to start planning for events and activities for the remainder of the school year. We ask for your patience as we take the time to make adjustments to operations in our schools and workplaces. Our focus continues to be on student learning and the well-being of students and staff.


Christopher Usih
Chief Superintendent of Schools