Transportation Pre-Registration for Next Year | May 11, 2022 9:30 AM

May. 11, 2022


Apply by June 8 for school bus transportation 

This email is intended for all families considering using school bus transportation for the next school year. If your school does not use school bus transportation or is assigned to Calgary Transit, please disregard this email.

Dear Parents/Guardians

Yellow school bus service levels and proposed fees for the 2022-23 school year are now available. Service levels will remain the same as the current school year. We will resume charging fees this fall at the same rates as the current school year before they were waived for all families in October 2021.

Apply Today

  • Pre-registration is available using your MyCBE account.
  • Families must register by Wednesday, June 8 for students to be added to routes for the start of the next school year.
  • We continue to accept registrations after the deadline; however, students are added to the closest existing stop with available space. Processing times could be up to six weeks at the beginning of the school year due to volume.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to all parents/guardians who have submitted a pre-registration in September to confirm registration for the 2022-23 school year.
  • You can cancel your transportation with no financial impact by filling in the cancellation form before Sept. 30, 2022.
  • Note: Conditional ridership forms will be available after pre-registration closes.
  • If you need assistance creating a MyCBE account visit

New This Year – Alternate Addresses

We’ve heard from families that they would like more flexibility to access bus stops and routes to support childcare arrangements and changing family schedules. This year, CBE Transportation will allow families to add a second address to their transportation registration to have access to two bus stops and/or routes.

Note | All addresses must be within the attendance area for the school and outside the walk zone. Maps can be found on the school profile on the CBE website. The information collected from parents informs bus route planning, but does not guarantee a stop at the exact location requested.

To participate in the pilot, you must:

  • Pre-register for transportation in MyCBE by the June 8, 2022 deadline.
  • Fill in the Request for Alternate Address form in MyCBE and provide one additional address and schedule for your child.

CBE Transportation will review each request to determine if the request can be accommodated. Families will be notified of the decision within six weeks of application. If it is approved, the second address will be used as we are creating new bus routes.

The cost of this request is $110.

2022-23 Service Levels and Fees

Rider Category

Service Level

Proposed Fee

Mandated Service

  • Regular program, lives more than 2.4 km from school
  • Specialized classes designated to general transportation

Community stop

  • Elementary - stop within 1.6 km
  • Middle/Junior High School - stop within 1.8 km


Non-Mandated Service

  • Alternative programs
  • Regular program, lives less than 2.4 km from school
  • Congregated stop for alternative programs
  • Community stop for regular program (see above)

($232.50 for one-way kindergarten transportation)

Conditional Riders

Existing stop


Specialized Transportation (small yellow school bus)

Individualized service

No Fee

Designated to Calgary Transit

Plan Your Trip

Fares & Passes Information

​​​​​​​As part of our long-term, sustainable transportation system we no longer subsidize the costs of transportation from the larger CBE budget. We continue to ensure the delivery of safe and efficient transportation for students.

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