2013 flood inspires creativity and learning at CBE schools

Sep. 15, 2014

The flooding that took place in 2013 affected Calgary schools in a variety of ways. Regardless of their experience, many schools took the opportunity to learn from the experience and celebrate Calgary’s community spirit. Below you will find examples of some of the ways CBE schools explored what the flood meant to their community.
Sunnyside School

The Sunnyside community experienced significant flooding in 2013. Many Sunnyside School families were directly affected. The school teamed up with Trickster Theatre to put on performances at the school on June 20, to recognize the one-year anniversary of the flooding.  Students and other members of the school community also participated in a Sunnyside community event on June 22.

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Photos from the June 20 afternoon performance:
​Cranston School students write books about the flood
Amy, Fancy and Britney wrote three books in a series about Cocoa, the little brown mouse.
Last year Cranston students undertook a year-long inquiry into water, which was cut short by the flooding in Calgary.  This year, students in Grades 3 and 4 wrote picture books about what happened to some of the animals affected by the flood, wild and domestic.