CBE 2014 Enrolment Numbers

Oct. 14, 2014

An official count on Sept. 30 confirms that once again a record number of students are enrolled with the Calgary Board of Education.

The count showed that total student enrolment was 114,472 — up 3,709 from 110,763 on the same date last year. This data includes Chinook Learning Services and CBe-learn students.

“We know that our system is growing and these numbers are close to our enrolment projections. We are proud that 3,709 new students have chosen the CBE this year. From kindergarten to our adult students we strive to be the dynamic learning community of choice,” says Joy Bowen-Eyre, Chair CBE Board of Trustees.

The most significant increases occurred at Grades 1-3 (1,677 students) and Grades 4-6 (1,051 students).


Comparison of enrolment from September 30, 2013 to September 30, 2014
  September 30, 2013 September 30, 2014 Difference
Pre-Kindergarten 162 181 19
Kindergarten 8,919 9,196 277
Grades 1-3 25,959 27,636 1,677
Grades 4-6 22,552 23,603 1,051
Grades 7-9 21,751 22,237 486
Grades 10-12 26,270 26,420 150
Sub-Total (Pre-K to Gr 12) 105,613 109,273 3,660
Homeschooling 297 248 -49
Outreach Programs 1,129 1,280 151
Unique Settings 643 690 47
CBe-learn 566 588 22
Chinook Learning Services 2,515 2,393 -122
Total 110,763 114,472 3,709



  • Homeschooling serves students whose families wish to have a primary role in their education.
  • The CBE operates four outreach programs, such as Discovering Choices, for students who find that regular school programs and services do not meet their needs.
  • Unique settings include schools like Emily Follensbee and Christine Meikle, which provide educational programming for students who have multiple and complex learning needs.
  • Other unique settings within the CBE include AADAC, Children’s Village, Dr. Gordon Townsend, Dr. Oakley, Nexus/Trust Treatment/Project Trust, West View Secondary, William Roper Hull, and the Young Adult Program. These settings provide educational opportunities for students with unique learning needs which are impacted by extenuating factors.
  • CBe-learn delivers online programming for junior and senior high students, as well as multiple levels of support for homeschooling. CBe-learn is located at the Career and Technology Centre at Lord Shaughnessy High School.
  • Chinook Learning Services is the CBE's provider of Academic Success Programs, Adult English Language Learning and non-credit Continuing Education (professional & personal development). Academic Success Programs include: High School Upgrading, Summer School for Grades 10-12, Off-Campus Programs (work experience), International School Programs (student groups and individual international students over 18 years of age) and Summer Band Programs.

The 2014-15 School Enrolment Report will be presented in late November to the Board of Trustees and it will contain more detailed information about the number of students in each school by grade and program.