Trustees approve 2015-16 budget

Jun. 22, 2015

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CALGARY – The Board of Trustees has unanimously approved the Calgary Board of Education’s 2015-16 budget.

The $1.3 billion budget will now be submitted to Alberta Education to meet the June 30 deadline. An updated, detailed budget report with all ancillary details will be provided to the Board once the provincial budget has passed and fall enrolments are confirmed.

The budget includes a $30 reduction in fees from 2014-15 amounts for students riding yellow school buses. Noon supervision fees will rise by $5 per student, and Instructional Supplies and Materials fees will stay the same.

Trustees voiced their pleasure with the government’s recent funding increase and stable year ahead during the meeting.

“We are grateful that we have a government that values education and students,” said Joy Bowen-Eyre, Chair of the Board. “This is a good budget; it provides stability for our system, and maintains services and supports for all of our students.”


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