TELUS Spark | March 2017 Lighthouse Award

Mar. 21, 2017

Representatives from TELUS Spark pick up the Lighthouse Award

TELUS Spark has been a valued CBE partner for over 20 years. This partnership began when the science centre became one of the first Campus Calgary/Open Minds program sites. Since 1997, more than 12,000 CBE students and teachers have participated in the program at TELUS Spark. Over the course of their full week program, teachers and their students experience a wide range of exhibits, live demonstrations, programs and workshops uniquely designed to extend their thinking as it relates to the big questions they are exploring.

Since 1997, this partnership has grown, now offering over 50 unique and different learning opportunities for CBE students and staff. So far this year, TELUS Spark has enabled over 9,000 CBE students from more than 70 schools on field trips, enhancing learning in an authentic environment.

Whether our students are in Grade 1 as a junior architect, in Grade 12 interacting with an orthopedic surgeon during a video streamed surgery or something in-between, our students are involved in responsive and engaging learning tasks at TELUS Spark.

Congratulations to TELUS Spark on their March 2017 Lighthouse Award.

“Everyone at Telus Spark was there to help us. We could tell that they cared about our learning and we really loved being there.”
Kathline T. | student

“I hope that every student can have an experience at Telus Spark like we had.”
Keyra H. | student