Update | Kindergarten to Grade 6 Students Move to At-Home Learning | May 5, 2021 1:40 PM

May. 05, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians

The provincial government has announced that starting Friday, May 7, most kindergarten to Grade 12 students will be learning at home. At this time, students are expected to return to in-class learning on Tuesday, May 25.

At-Home Learning

  • Students in kindergarten to Grade 6 will move to at-home learning on Friday. Learning will focus on literacy and numeracy during this time. Your school will provide specific information.
  • Students in Grades 7-12 already participating in at-home learning will continue with their existing schedules.
  • In most cases, students in specialized classes, unique or outreach settings will continue to access supports for in person learning; however, school principals will work with parents around specific contexts where there may be a transition to provide online learning.
  • There are no changes for students in CBE’s Hub online learning or CBe-learn

Before and After School Care Programs

Licensed before and after school care programs in our schools will be able to continue to operate during this time, should the childcare provider choose to remain open. Please check with your program for details.

COVID-19 Positive Case Reporting

Please continue to report positive cases to your school during this period so that close contacts and the school community can be alerted.

Technical Support

If you require assistance with technology, the Parent Technical Support Desk is live and will be available during the time students are learning at home. Learn more on our website: https://cbe.ab.ca/support/Pages/help.aspx.

Nutrition Programs

If you require nutrition support for your child while they are learning from home, you can access various community supports.


Thank you for your continued patience as we make this additional change. I know families and staff will continue to work together to support student learning at home.


Christopher Usih
Chief Superintendent of Schools

calgary board of education