New CBE Schools Open in New Year

Jan. 08, 2017

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CALGARY – The Calgary Board of Education has opened an unprecedented 15 schools this school year with three more expected to open in a few weeks.  Students and parents in many Calgary communities got to kick off 2017 by walking to the new school in their neighbourhood.

CBE schools that opened in December and January:

  • Aboriginal Learning Centre, Pre-K-3 (modernization) 
  • Christine Meikle School, Gr. 7-12 (replacement) 
  • Dr. Roberta Bondar School, K-6 (Aspen Woods)
  • Dr. George Stanley School, Gr. 4-9 (Cranston)
  • Eric Harvie School, K-4 (Tuscany)
  • Hugh A. Bennett School, K-4 (Saddle Ridge) – opened in December, ahead of schedule
  • West Ridge School, Gr. 5-9 (West Springs/Cougar Ridge)

CBE schools expected to open in the coming weeks:

  • McKenzie Highlands School, Gr. 4-9 (McKenzie Towne)
  • Dr. Martha Cohen School, Gr. 5-9 (Copperfield/New Brighton)
  • Elbow Park, K-6 (replacement)

These new schools provide 6,000 new student spaces in Calgary’s growing communities.

“This is an exciting time for students and staff as they settle into their new schools that are full of light, open and adaptable spaces and equipped with modern technology and furniture,” said Dany Breton, superintendent of Facilities and Environmental Services.

A “school within a school” model has been used by these new schools since the beginning of the school year. Principals, teachers, staff and students have been together at host schools where students have been able to build friendships with their classmates and get to know their teachers before they all moved together to their new school.

Planning and construction are continuing on Marshall Springs School, Griffith Woods School, Manmeet Singh Bhullar School, Ron Southern School and the southeast high school along with the modernizations of James Fowler and Lord Beaverbrook high schools.

The CBE opened several new schools in September.

  • Auburn Bay School, K-4
  • Buffalo Rubbing Stone School, K-4 (Panorama Hills)
  • Copperfield School, K-4
  • Kenneth D. Taylor School, K-4 (Evanston)
  • New Brighton School, K-4
  • Nelson Mandela High School, Gr. 10-12 (Northeast)
  • Peter Lougheed School, Gr. 5-9 (Saddle Ridge)
  • William D. Pratt School, Gr. 4-9 (Rocky Ridge/Royal Oak)
  • Jack James High School (modernization)
  • Bowness High School (modernization)


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