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Unique Pathways & Off-campus Education

Unique Pathways & Off-campus Education Dual Credit - Introduction to Computer Science

Dual Credit - Introduction to Computer Science

​The University of Calgary course Introduction to Computer Science for Multidisciplinary Studies (CPSC217) introduces problem solving, analysis and design of small-scale computational systems. Solutions will be implemented using the procedural programming language of Python. Python is a language popular across both STEM and not-STEM areas. Participation is encouraged for students with interests both in and beyond Computer Science.

See an example of the regular semester course outline for further information but note that the summer course runs slightly differently and will be discussed at the beginning of the course.

Program B​​en​​​​efits

  • Get a jump start on your post-secondary education while still in high school 
  • Build confidence through developing learning strategies and skills that support your learning transitions  
  • Learn about on-going opportunities and experience post-secondary learning  
  • Taught by U of C instructors with experience in student transitions to post-secondary educational experiences and environments ​

  • 5 Cre​​dits, 30 ​le​​​vel CTS
    3​ post-secondary credits

Student ​​Eligibility​

Open to CBE high school students who: 

  • Are in grades 11 or 12 as of June (Graduating students are eligible)
  • Are a competent computer user, but may or may not have prior programming skills 
  • Have a strong interest in learning programming and are committed to this rigorous, condensed course format 
  • Are able to arrange their own transportation to and from the University of Calgary for the duration of the course 
  • Have completed the following pre-requisite course: 
    • Math 20-1 and be able to problem solve, think logically, and enjoy working with problems 
    • Have access to a laptop or desktop (no Chromebooks or iPads) at home for their independent homework. Windows, Mac, or Linux operation system required. 
    • Free software will need to be downloaded 

Program​ Delivery and​ Location

  • In-person, University of Calgary (2500 University Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4) 
  • This course runs over a condensed time frame and should be considered as a full-time job. Students should plan for a minimum of 15 hours of independent work time per week in addition to the 15 hours of instructional time (total 30 hours per week, minimum). 

Progra​​m Dates

  • Month of July, Monday to Friday​
  • Expected program times: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (breaks included)​
  • Considerations

    • Students must have space in their full year timetable to accommodate the program delivery, location, and dates indicated below.
    • Students must submit a personal learning schedule with their application (see application checklist for details).
    • Students must be registered as a full-time student, taking at least one course at their home high school each semester(work experience excluded).
    • Students will be expected to communicate with both their CBE supervising teacher and course instructor regularly.
  • How to Apply

    1. Read through the course(s) and/or program(s) of interest.
    2. Review program choice with your school Off-campus Coordinator and/or Guidance Counsellor for program readiness and timetabling concerns.
    3. You are highly encouraged to attend the Unique Pathways Information Night to ask questions of our program partners and determine if the program is a good fit for you. Connect with your Off-campus Coordinator or Guidance counsellor if you are unable to attend.
    4. Download and fill in the Dual Credit Application Form Package when available.
    5. Refer to the application checklist and ensure all items are complete.
    6. Book an appointment with your Off-campus Coordinator and/or Guidance Counselor before the deadline to complete your application, including signatures from all parties.
    7. The school will submit the application to Unique Pathways on your behalf.

Career​ Map

Career Map 


  • Program Partner​

    University of Calgary

​ ​

  • Application Deadline

    Applications for Summer and Fall programs have now closed. Applications for Semester 2 (Winter) programs will be available in Fall 2024.​


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