Copy paste on android or apple device

  1. Make sure that the text that you want to copy is on the screen. You don’t need any fancy app to perform this task, so if it’s text from a website you need to have the web page open on your mobile device.

  2. Press and hold your finger over the word where you want to start copying text from.

  3. There will be a highlighted area display exactly what is set to but copied, you can drag either end of this to either lengthen or shorten it.

  4. Tap the selected text again to copy to clipboard.

  5. Go to entry field where you want to paste the text.

  6. Tap (or tap and hold) and select paste.

    Note: If the key you entered is not working, paste it into any text program on your device so that you can see what is actually being pasted. Check to make sure you only have 20 characters. (No extra spaces or characters at the beginning or end)