2021 AABRD Legacy Award Presented to Jack James High School

Nov. 02, 2021

​​Jack James High School was recognized on Oct. 29 with the Alberta Advisory Board on Recreation of the Disabled (AABRD) Legacy Award for striving to advance recreation opportunities for people with disabilities.

Jack James High School was honored for our dedication and passion for inclusive recreation and activity, encouraging student participation in athletics and promoting active living in our school. For example, Jack James High School is building an outdoor fitness park, with adjustable resistance and accessible equipment, for students and the community to use. Our school wants to be a leader in encouraging active lifestyles and physical activity, no matter what barriers may stand in the way.

Jack James High School welcomes students who may not have experienced success in their designated community high school. At Jack James, just under 80 per cent of our student population has at least one educational assessed code, which is assigned through a medical or psychological assessment. These students, who demonstrate their incredible tenacity, strength and resilience every day, make our school incredibly diverse and unique.

Our Athletic Director, Tony Allen, was acknowledged by AABRD for his organization of activity-based opportunities for our students. He is passionate about running the Calgary High School Sport League, a league for students who can participate in volleyball, basketball and badminton, where competition is more even and inclusive participation is encouraged. We have students experiencing success in physical education and athletics who have who have never before participated on a team, some who have physical/learning/psychiatric/neurological disabilities, and many of whom struggle to participate in physical activity. Tony engages students in daily “block walks” where they walk a route in the community with a Jack James wagon while helping to clean up our neighborhood. Additionally, Tony runs an open gym and helps students develop skills in sports and fitness while striving to educate our community on health, wellness & nutrition.

Chad Campbell, our Outdoor Education teacher, was also recognized for his leadership in a program that has introduced opportunities for students to try things they have never tried before. This might include the first time on skis, a first visit and hike in Kananaskis, an overnight camping trip, or even the first time eating s’mores… Chad’s inclusive program connects students to outdoor activity and learning on the land, an incredibly rich experience for students.

Jack James High School is honored to receive this award and is incredibly appreciative for this recognition.