The 2022-25 Capital Plan Approved by Board of Trustees

Mar. 23, 2021

At the March 23, 2021 public board meeting, the Calgary Board of Education Board of Trustees approved the Three-Year School Capital Plan 2022-25 requesting new construction and major modernization projects from the provincial government. This includes three new schools and 12 modernizations.

Building new schools within growing communities is desirable as it allows students to attend school closer to home. Our schools currently have and are projected to continue to have adequate space for all students, at schools that will continue to ensure that they feel safe, welcomed and enjoy a quality learning environment.

The focus of this capital plan is on major modernizations in some of our older schools. With more than half of our schools 50 years of age and older, these sites need attention to ensure they continue to be great places to learn for the next 50 years.

School major modernization projects involve the renovation of whole or part of a school building to enhance both current and future educational programs. This can include upgrades to Career and Technology Studies/Foundation spaces, enhancement to Learning Common areas and overall improvements to the building.

The CBE currently has five new school construction projects under development that will open to students in the next few years:

  • Mahogany Elementary School
  • Skyview Ranch Elementary/Middle School
  • Auburn Bay Middle School
  • North Calgary High School
  • Auburn Bay Elementary School

The 2022-25 plan identifies a single prioritized capital list consisting of both new school construction and major modernization requests, as required by Alberta Education. The total cost of all of the projects is just under $280 million.

The Calgary Board of Education does not decide when new schools are built. The provincial government determines where, when and how new schools are built. Each year, school boards submit a Three-Year School Capital Plan to Alberta Education. The plan identifies priorities for new school construction and major modernizations.

In 2014 the Board of Trustees approved revised ranking criteria for school capital projects after a thorough review that included public engagement. The criteria are data driven and establish a fair and equitable process for all communities.

Alberta Education requires the plan to be submitted by April 1, 2021.