A Million Cheerios

Jan. 30, 2018

​Teachers began by asking, “what is a million?”

Grade 5 students at Marshall Springs School counted, calculated and collected one million Cheerios during a recent hands-on math learning experience. Students gained skills in team work, accuracy, build strategies and developed patience. Students issued a challenge to the school community to gather enough boxes to represent a million Cheerios, and planned to give all donations to the Calgary Food Bank.

Each Grade 5 class counted one box of Cheerios, determined the average, and rounded the total down to 4,500 individual Cheerios per box. Grayden J. suggested, “we should round down to make sure we have more than enough to make a million.” Students then calculated the number of boxes required to represent a million Cheerios. They determined their goal to be 222 boxes. With the support of the Marshall Springs School family and generous donations from Sobey’s Evergreen and Save-On Foods Walden, the students quickly exceeded their goal. They were proud to donate over 260 boxes for families in need!

More information on this project can be found on the school’s Twitter feed @MSschoolCBE.