Andrew Sibbald School Raises $30,000 at 15th Annual Shave Your Lid for a Kid

May. 14, 2019

​There are so many CBE schools that do such amazing things to help various charities around our city. Andrew Sibbald School has a long and proud history of support for Kids Cancer Care Foundation.  This foundation supports families with children fighting cancer. In particular, our school has focused on one branch of their foundation; Camp Kindle. This camp is a remarkable facility that allows kids fighting cancer to attend camp while still providing all the medical treatments and attention they might need. 

This year marked our 15th anniversary. Our school community rallies behind this event each and every year. This year was no exception. We had 46 students and 1 staff member commit to either shaving their lid or cutting their ponytail in support of sending kids to Camp Kindle. We had amazing support behind us as well.  Great Clips provided stylists to help with the shave. As well, Kylee from Virgin Radio was able to join us and help emcee our event. And Kimberly from Kids Cancer Care helped us with all the behind-the-scenes details. We even had Annika and Bryton from Leaving Thomas join and share their musical talents with us. You can see their video here of their song to support Kids Cancer Care

To mark our 15th anniversary we set a target of $15 000. We had students, parents, staff and our community jump in and put on events like cupcake sales, lemonade stands and even a raffle for teacher sponsored prizes. As a result, we smashed goal and have now raised over $30 000.

To our students and our larger school community, thank you. You are amazing and your support of kids battling cancer is unwavering.  Here’s to another 15 years!