Baz’s Winter Wonderland

Dec. 10, 2021

​​Grade 8 students at Ian Bazalgette School have turned their school yard into a bright winter wonderland. Hear all about it in the students’ own words:

We are students from the Grade 8 leadership class at Ian Bazalgette to explain to you our idea of Baz’s Winter Wonderland. With the weather changing and with the earlier sunset and later sunrise, it is very dark out for our fellow students when they enter and leave school, and we did something about it! Our idea was to get Christmas lights donations, for what we call Baz's Winter Wonderland! The lights help students see in the mornings and help brighten their spirits for learning!

We asked the community to donate lights and they sure did! We were able to decorate our fence, and many of the trees in our front courtyard! We even used some extras to decorate our leadership hallway!

These lights have already begun brightening our fellow students' days. Many community members have spoken about how beautiful it is to drive by in the evenings and thanked us for the spirit.