Calgary Meals on Wheels Lighthouse Award | June 2018

Jun. 19, 2018

Calgary Meals on Wheels is a not-for-profit organization, which was established in 1965 in response to the need to support elderly people with food support during an illness or recovery from a hospital stay. Today Meals on Wheels is so much more, especially to the Calgary Board of Education.  Calgary Meals on Wheels believes in promoting health by providing quality, nutritious meals to all people in need, including many students of the Calgary Board of Education.

Since 2000, the Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Meals on Wheels have been working together to address food insecurities in identified schools. Twice a week Calgary Meals on Wheels delivers a nutritious hot soup lunch to elementary schools with students facing nutrition uncertainty at no cost to the students or the schools.  The Hot Soup Program has now grown to 15 schools, serving over 75 000 hot lunches to our students last year.

In 2016, Calgary Meals on Wheels expanded their support by becoming the provider for the Alberta Government’s School Nutrition Pilot Program at Marlborough School.  Registered dieticians at Meals on Wheels created nutritious menu offerings that include all four food groups and variety, at a cost of under $3 per serving.  Meals on Wheels staff continually work with students and staff to improve the program, making it more sustainable and affordable.  Through the collaborative efforts of Calgary Meals on Wheels and increased provincial government funding, the program has grown to 3 full time and 3 part time schools for this year, with the possibility of additional schools for the fall.

Calgary Meals on Wheels is constantly seeking ways to provide support that enables children to learn, feel stronger and reach their full potential.  Whether it is in collaborating with Calgary Police Services for programming at Patrick Airlie School, or engaging the students at Marlborough School in creating the “Marlborough Mystery Muffin”, the work of Meals on Wheels is about supporting CBE’s work in creating the conditions for success for our students. 

It is our honor to partner with Calgary Meals on Wheels in our goal to achieve success for each student.  We know when a student’s basic needs are met; they are more able to learn. 
Congratulations on your Lighthouse Award!

“Eating breakfast helps us become the very best learners we can be!”
Shawn S., CBE elementary student