Calgary Police Services School Resource Officer Program Lighthouse Award | February 2018

Feb. 06, 2018

Calgary Police Services Chief Constable Roger Chaffin accepts the Lighthouse Award
Left to right: Chief Constable Roger Chaffin, CBE Board of Trustees Chair Trina Hurdman, Matthew H., Joeu K., Mandy T., Constable Kerri Mattice

For over 40 years, this partnership has been building strong relationships between police officers and students, creating safer communities and preparing students to make positive choices in their lives. The success of the program reflects the collaborative work we do together every day to support students from kindergarten to Grade 12. The presence of Calgary Police Service School Resource Officers in our schools supports our students with providing a strong sense of personal safety and by developing a high degree of trust with law enforcement. It is our pleasure to recognize Calgary Police Services Youth Education Unit and their dedicated School Resource Officers for their commitment and excellent work with our students.

The Calgary Police Service offers a variety of mentorship, intervention and educational programs for children aged 5 to 18. All of these programs offer an opportunity for youth to interact with officers who will work with them to encourage positive behaviors, and help with navigating challenging situations. The following are two examples of programs from the Youth Education Unit of Calgary Police Services.

The Start Smart Stay Safe is a collaborative initiative where community resource officers’ partner with schools and families to equip our students for the challenges of living in today’s complex world. Police officers come into CBE schools and work with teachers to engage students in strengths-based lessons on healthy choices and positive relationships.  Police encourage students to use their strengths and to continue to develop their skills to keep themselves and their communities safe.

The School Resource Officer Program is an integral component of our senior high schools.  Having a School Resource Officer in our schools provides a visible and positive image of law enforcement. These officers are seen as a role model or mentor to students rather than a uniformed officer. School Resource Officers provide advice, guidance, and assist students in becoming success, community minded citizens. The School Resource Officer Program not only creates a safer school community, but assisting students in making positive live decisions. 

Our CBE School Resource Officers are trusted adults in our students’ lives and schools, and we are thankful for their unparalleled support. Congratulations on your Lighthouse Award!