Buffalo Rubbing Stone School is Following the Journey of Canada C3 | Canada 150

Jun. 18, 2017

At Buffalo Rubbing Stone School, a group of Grade 1/2 students have been celebrating Canada 150 by following the beginning of the Canada C3 journey.

This is an incredible expedition where scientists, educators, artists, musicians and Indigenous elders are onboard an icebreaker ship that is traveling for 150 days from Toronto to Victoria.

The four key themes of Canada C3 are Diversity and Inclusion, Reconciliation, Youth Engagement and the Environment.

To connect this voyage to the Buffalo Rubbing Stone classroom, students have participated in two video chats with different crew members from Canada C3, asking their questions about the scientists conducting experiments onboard the ship, as well as what life might be like for the student ambassadors taking part in the journey.

The students also wanted to understand how big the ship was, so they measured out 67m long and 16m wide with florescent flagging tape. It was incredible to see first-hand what a large ship is traveling through the Northwest Passage this summer.

The students are excited to follow along this journey over the summer and they encourage others to do the same at www.canadac3.ca.