Evergreen School’s Canada Day Birthday Gift | Canada 150

Jun. 18, 2017

Grade 3 students at Evergreen School took up Mayor Nenshi’s challenge to honor Canada’s 150th birthday with gifts that help our community. With a Calgary Foundation Canada 150 Grant, students were able to learn about Canada’s amazing natural areas with an inquiry study in Fish Creek Provincial Park, Canada’s second largest urban park, and one of the largest urban parks in North America, located within our own community.

Under the guidance of park experts, students collected evidence of human impact, animal adaptation and water quality on visits to the west and east sides of the park in the winter and spring of 2017. Grade 3 students reported that the project helped them learn about the park and become inspired to care for the environment. One student explained that his favorite part of the project was going outdoors and sketching trees, while another noted that you have to be quiet to listen to the sounds of the birds.    

Working with Artist in Residence Michelle Getzlaf from April 24 - May 5, students represented wildlife from the park in glass mosaic tiles. Students cut and placed over 5000 tiles to create the fine art which is now installed in the Environmental Learning Centre at Fish Creek Provincial Park for students and the public from across Calgary to enjoy now and in the future – our gift to Canada, on its birthday. The wildlife images are great horned owl, hare, red squirrel and chickadee.