Tulips Bloom for Canada | Canada 150

Jun. 18, 2017

In preparation for Canada’s 150th Birthday, Stanley Jones School was the recipient of 1000 red and white tulips from the Canadian Garden Council of Canada with the tulips being donated by Vesie bulbs of Prince Edward Island. The tulips were the catalyst for our yearlong inquiry of what it means to be Canadian.

To celebrate, 525 K-9 students from three programs housed at Stanley Jones School, participated in the mathematical design and planting of these tulips on Oct. 20, 2016.  Each class created mathematical patterns that represented what it means to be Canadian.  The Grade 5/6 class designed the tulips in the shape of a boat docking at a port-of-call, a symbol of new families arriving and being welcomed to Canada. Other classes of student’s grid mapped a 4x6 Canadian flag, made entirely of red and white tulip bulbs.

On May 30, 2017 the entire school came together to celebrate the blossoming of the tulips, Canada’s Birthday and to share with each other what it means to be Canadian.  Students from many diverse backgrounds spoke eloquently of what it means to be Canadian and why Canada is such a great place to live.

It was incredibly moving to hear the insights of our students and particularly those who truly understand and appreciate the freedom they have to go to school, feel safe and be cared for in Canada. As one student so poignantly put it, “being Canadian means peace, love, protection, care and freedom” and another suggested “Canada is built on four pillars: justice, representation, equity and freedom… Canada is the true north strong and free.”

Trustee Judy Hehr and Deputy Mayor Gian-Carlo Carra celebrated with the students and were very impressed with the student’s messages about Canada now and for the future.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada from the students and staff of Stanley Jones School!