CBE Board of Trustees Accepts Trustee Davis Resignation

Jan. 27, 2020

The following statement has been issued on behalf of the Board of Trustees:

At a Board meeting on Monday, Jan. 27, Trustee Lisa Davis submitted her written resignation which is effective immediately.

As a Board of Trustees, we represent, lead and serve the citizens of Calgary. As an elected Board, we are comprised of seven individuals with diverse perspectives who come together with the common goal of supporting students and their success. Our responsibilities as a Board and Trustees is defined in the Education Act (section 33/34). We are confident that our current governance policies and procedures are fully compliant with legislation and strong governance practices.

The concerns expressed by Trustee Davis are not those of the Board. Through our policies, we strive to hold ourselves accountable to the principles of openness, transparency, and continuous improvement.

We look forward to moving on and working together to support students and public education in the City of Calgary. The Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring Wards 6 and 7 continue to be fully represented.

Some questions & answers about the resignation

  1. When did the Board of Trustees learn about Lisa Davis’ resignation?

    The Board of Trustees received Trustee Davis’ formal resignation notice when the Board reconvened their meeting on Monday, Jan. 27 at 11:54 a.m. Formal notice needs to be received in a board meeting in accordance with the Education Act (section 80). The resignation was posted on social media earlier on Monday morning before the Board of Trustees meeting.

  2. How do trustees work together to resolve differences and improve performance?

    The board is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, which is our strength. Through discussion, requests for information and rigorous debate, we make decisions in the best interests of students and public education in the City of Calgary. Formal decisions are made through motions. Trustees exercise their voice through their vote and commit to subsequently supporting the democratic decision of the Board as a whole. The Board meeting procedures are available on the CBE public website.​

    The Board also has governance culture policies that define the Board of Trustees’ own work and how it will be carried out. They clearly state the expectations the Board has for individual and collective behavior. The Board of Trustees evaluates its performance in relation to Governance Culture policies on an annual basis.

    Through regular review of our policies, we are committed to continuous improvement. For example, through the creation of a board procedures committee in June 2019, the Board has already committed to reviewing its agenda planning procedures and how individual trustees can bring forward motions. This committee was formed to review board meeting procedures and policies in light of best practices and the principles of openness and transparency.

  3. Why did the Board meet on Jan. 26 in-camera (privately)?

    The Board of Trustees held an in-camera meeting to discuss a timely legal matter. It is common practice for any organization’s Board to receive legal advice at a private meeting. Under the Education Act (Section 64) and consistent with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, all school boards are permitted to meet in-camera. Typically the topics discussed at in-camera meetings relate to land, labour, legal and strategic governance.

  4. Concerns have been expressed regarding transparency. Does this Board act in a transparent manner?

    We are confident that our current governance policies and procedures are fully compliant with legislation and strong governance practices. Public board meeting agendas, reports and videos are available on our public website. All public and private Board meeting minutes are also posted. The CBE website also includes a wealth of information including all policies, extensive financial information, and advocacy documents to name a few. In addition, the Board has had an audit committee that includes qualified financial experts as external members for over a decade.

  5. How do trustees bring forward motions?

    All trustees may bring forward motions that are connected to matters on board meeting agendas. We also have a board approved process for trustees to request matters be added to a future board agenda. Former Trustee Davis brought forward many motions that were considered, debated and voted upon by the Board.

  6. Will you be holding a by-election for Wards 6 & 7?

    This decision has not yet been made. The Board of Trustees will be discussing this in the near future.

  7. How will the citizens of Wards 6 & 7 be represented?

    All trustees are committed to working in the best interests of all students and public education in the City of Calgary, and not just in their constituencies. Should any citizen require assistance from the Board, they can contact the Board of Trustees at boardoftrustees@cbe.ab.ca