CBE Board of Trustees Passes Motions to Rename Langevin School to Riverside School

Jun. 01, 2021

​Calgary Board of Education Board of Trustees convened a special board meeting on Monday, May 31, 2021 and passed motions to rename Langevin School and revert the name back to Riverside School effective immediately.

The school was previously named Riverside Junior High School before the Calgary Board of Education changed the name to Langevin Junior High School in 1936.

The Board of Trustees has heard concerns from students, staff and community members about the Langevin name. Trustees have been working on revising their naming and renaming policy for CBE schools to align with the Board’s values and commitment to promoting a welcoming, caring, safe, respectful and inclusive learning environment. The tragic discovery in Kamloops and the reaction shared by Canadians has emphasized the importance of reconciliation and the need to demonstrate our commitment to the students we serve. Given these events, the Board has approved the school name change prior to the completion of its policy changes.

The Board will be considering changes to its governance policies regarding renaming at a public board meeting later this month.