CBE Board of Trustees Response to Government Operational Review

Apr. 05, 2018

​We are pleased that the government’s operational review didn’t raise any substantial issues. Ultimately our operational practices are sound, with one adjustment to the presentation of lease costs to make.

Throughout the review process, CBE administration and Alberta Education staff, ministry staff and the trustees have had many meetings and conversations to build understanding of the challenges our large school board faces. We are always happy to make adjustments or improvements as directed by Alberta Education.

We understand that the ministry is asking for a change in the way that our Education Centre lease costs are presented. We are happy to comply with this request and are working with Alberta Education staff to clarify the details. The CBE has publicly disclosed the full costs of our building lease annually in our audited financial statements. Even with the requested change in presentation of these costs, the CBE’s Board and System administration costs will be below the Alberta Education threshold of 3.6 per cent. 

Information shared with Alberta Education can be found on our Operational Review page. The government’s final report can be found on their website.