CBE Student Shines at WE Day

Oct. 26, 2016

Madeline Clark

On October 26th, over 16 000 students gathered in the Saddledome to celebrate their contributions to their communities at WE Day Calgary 2016. The speaker line-up was impressive and included such celebrities as Chris Hadfield and Paula Abdul. However, students received a uniquely local message from Madeline Clark, 2016 graduate of Bowness High School.

Madeline attended WE Day 2015 and was inspired by what she heard.  She decided to take action at Bowness High by starting the Confidence Initiative Association (CIA) focused on giving students a voice on topics such as bullying, self-esteem and peer relations.  Madeline had significant challenges in her past and she found the strength to both persevere and flourish.  Based on her passions and pursuit of making her school the best it could be, the WE Day committee selected her to present at WE Day 2016.

“I challenged myself to follow my vision of creating a community of empowerment and inclusion and with the support and encouragement of the staff I made that vision a reality”.  Madeline goes on to say that WE Day 2016 was “the epitome of a dream turned into reality”.  Madeline’s efforts to make Bowness High School a great school for all demonstrates her commitment to her community, her drive to be the best she can be and her desire to make the world a better place.