Celebrating Asian Heritage Month in Canada

May. 01, 2023

Celebrating and Recognizing the C​ontributions of Asian Canadians​​

​​​May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada.  It’s a time to celebrate and recognize the contributions of Asian Canadians and a reminder to come together to combat anti-Asian racism and discrimination in all its forms. The month-long celebration provides an opportunity to learn about these diverse communities' history, culture and transitions.

Calgary is home to a diverse population, including many of Asian descent. The Calgary Board of Education is committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. One of the ways we do this at the CBE is by including different perspectives in schools, including Asian voices, resources, and texts. This aligns with our Education Plan’s key action to bring a system-wide implementation of strategies to advance antiracism, diversity and inclusion.

As we celebrate Asian Heritage Month, it is essential to recognize the ongoing struggles faced by Asian Canadians, including racism and discrimination. This month marks an opportunity for students and staff to learn about our shared history, celebrate our differences, and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

Student learning will be shared throughout the month. Follow our social media accounts to see how students are learning about Asian Heritage Month. These posts will also be shared on CBE’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

Asian Heritage Month Resources