Celebrating Support Staff Appreciation Week

Apr. 24, 2023

​April 24-28 is Support Staff Appreciation Week at the Calgary Board of Education. It’s a great time to recognize the essential role played by these staff members in support of student and system success.

“From custodians to administrative assistants, accountants to IT specialists, occupational therapists to speech language pathologists — support staff are the backbone of the CBE,” said Christopher Usih, Chief Superintendent of Schools. “Their tireless efforts help ensure that our teachers, schools and system are supported so that students receive the best possible education.

“If you support the work of schools and the system, please know that you are deeply appreciated. You make a difference in the lives of students every day, and you help create a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the CBE community.”

During Support Staff Appreciation Week, we encourage everyone to recognize the contributions that support staff make. 

This video that highlights just a few of the incredible support staff who work to create successful and inclusive learning environments every day. 

Support staff hold almost 400 different titles within the Calgary Board of Education, a fact which speaks to the breadth of work that happens every day at schools and offices.


Thank you all!