Chinook Learning Services Expanding to Forest Lawn High School

May. 19, 2023

​​​​​​​As of September, 2023 Chinook Learning Services will be expanding into Forest Lawn High School, while reducing classroom space in James Fowler High School.

Chinook Learning Services will now offer courses at Lord Beaverbrook, James Fowler and Forest Lawn High Schools during the 2023-24 school year. Eligible students can register for courses at any of these locations. It is important to the CBE that we can offer course options to students currently enrolled in courses through Chinook Learning Services and those looking to register in the 2023-24 school year.

Why is this change ha​​​ppening?

Enrolment at James Fowler High School continues to increase due to our city's rapidly growing student population. To accommodate this growth, we need to move some Chinook Learning Services classrooms to Forest Lawn High School.

We have explored many options in consideration of this decision. Forest Lawn High School has the available space for Chinook Learning Services to expand into and build its current course offerings. Student programming for Forest Lawn High School students will not be impacted by this move because Chinook Learning Services​ will move into the current Area 3 office space, which is located in a separate wing in the high school.

More work will be taking place over the coming months to consider how we can continue to support Chinook Learning Services in a way that works best for all CBE students.  

When will I find out the schedule and location of fall semester courses?

Course offerings for fall 2023 will be shared on the Chinook Learning Services​ website soon.

​What if I have more que​​stions?

If you still have questions or require additional information, please contact the Area 5 office at or 403-777-8412.

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