Dr. Gordon Townsend School Honoured

Jan. 14, 2019

Chrysalis is an Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities. Their Community Partnership Award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated leadership in the community and has shown a commitment to diversity and inclusion by welcoming and including individuals from Chrysalis in both the formal and social fabric of their organization. Dr. Gordon Townsend School was honoured to receive the Community Partnership Award from Chrysalis on Dec. 12, 2018.

Chrysalis has partnered with Dr. Gordon Townsend School for more than 20 years. Members of Chrysalis staff who accompany the volunteers say that the school staff don't see the disabilities, but the abilities of the individuals - what they can do and contribute to the community. Over the years, several groups of individuals have volunteered there, assisting with bottle recycling, watering the plants, and other duties. From the maintenance personnel and cafeteria staff to the porters, and school staff, the individuals have made many new friends, expanded their social network, and boosted their social skills. Tammy, the school administrative assistant is a great advocate for the Chrysalis volunteers, and she never fails to remind them of the important work they do and how much it helps the school community. She always thanks them at the end of each day for their volunteer work. The Chrysalis individuals feel accepted, respected, appreciated, and part of the school community.

Shelly Dean, Learning Leader from Dr. Gordon Townsend School, accepted the special award and the gift of a painting created by Chrysalis artist Crystal.