Edgemont Students Support Calgarians with the Mayor’s Food Drive

Mar. 22, 2018

​​Edgemont School recently hosted the Mayor's Food Drive assembly to celebrate the huge difference that this event makes in the lives of Calgarians. Edgemont School was chosen as the host after winning the Canstruction Jr. People’s Choice award for our ‘Alberta Mustard and Roast Beef Sandwich’ creation. This work was designed and constructed by our Grade 3 students and utilized food donations provided by all the students and families in our school community.

Josiah noted that, “The most challenging part of the construction was sorting all the cans so we could make the mustard bottle. We had to look at how many grams or milliliters were in the cans so that they were all the same size.”  Grade 3 Teacher, Corinne Dickson loved, “the way the competitive aspect of Canstruction Jr. encouraged our whole community to get in the spirit and join in. We used the creativity and the enthusiasm of the students, and the competitive spirit of the community to build momentum for the sculpture project.”

Mayor Nenshi, CBE Trustee Althea Adams, CBE Area Director Brant Parker, Emcee Beesley, and the staff and students from Edgemont School, Sunnyside School and two charter schools joined local media and the Food Bank Drive sponsors for a very energizing assembly.  Most importantly, we celebrated the impact that students and families had by supporting The Mayor's Food Drive to raise over $600,000 worth of food and help over 17,000 individuals in need. 

“More than 100 CBE schools participated in the Mayor’s 29th Annual Christmas Food Drive this past December. Continuing the annual tradition, CBE students, staff, and families raised more than $120,000 in food and funds; a valuable contribution to the overall campaign success of $641,000 in food and funds. The CBE continues to be a valuable partner with the Calgary Food Bank during the holiday season and throughout the year. Thank you to everyone involved in this campaign.”
Tara Sarjoo
Resource Development Coordinator
The Calgary Food Bank

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Mayor’s Food Drive Poster