Eight CBE Schools Participate in Design the Shift

Jun. 09, 2022

This year was the tenth iteration of the Design the Shift: ConocoPhillips Innovation Incubator. It provided eight CBE schools the opportunity to work on unique challenges facing their school communities.

For some schools it was finding a way to engage students in a rich, real-world literacy experience, for others it was finding a way to reconnect with the spaces in and around their school community. No matter the theme, each school found ways to engage students in robust learning opportunities that had students working as the architects of their own learning. Students engaged with Elders, local artists, community members and local experts in a wide range of areas.

Each year, ConocoPhillips donates funding to support teachers in pushing their practice to new innovated limits. By accessing Design Thinking protocols to support creative approaches to common problem of practice, teachers and entire school communities are encouraged to dream big about how they might approach learning in their own unique locations.

In the past, large groups of educators would gather together in person in late August to hear from past Design the Shift participants, while finding time to meet with other educators, local experts and begin to plan out how they might approach challenges in school communities in the upcoming year. When COVID precautions came into effect, we were faced with a new challenge to mull over and were incredibly excited and inspired by the schools who were open to shifting the work yet again.

The 2020-21 school year found Design the Shift: ConocoPhillips Innovation Incubator moving entirely online. We saw amazing and engaging work happening in a very difficult situation. This spirit of ingenuity and excitement carried over into the 2021-22 school year where the great work continued.

We are thankful and continually inspired by the educators who work in this system each day. Thank you to the following schools for their participation:

  • H.D Cartwright School
  • Ian Bazalgette School
  • Griffith Wood School
  • Lake Bonavista School
  • Simons Valley School
  • Tuscany School
  • Eric Harvie School
  • Woodman School

We are incredible grateful to ConocoPhillips for their continued support of this amazing work and to Education Matters for their guidance and support.