Fairview School Student Poem Selected as Top in the Province

Jun. 15, 2017

Salma Z., a Grade 8 student at Fairview School, has been selected as top in the province for her submission to “Imagine a Canada” contest, a national contest held by the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation.

In May, Salma and her family were invited to Edmonton for a ceremony with the Lieutenant Governor. Now, she has been selected top in the province and is being flown to Ottawa for the awards ceremony at Rideau Hall. In Ottawa, Salma will participate in a national roundtable discussion and have an honouring ceremony. Congratulations Salma!

The Fight to Sing Their Song

Did we lose sight
when the blue birds lost right
to fly freely in their blue sky?
They once soared gloriously up high,
until the red birds treated them low,
only because a different song they know.

The blue birds learned to fly
and sing as they wish in their blue sky.
It was a peaceful song-
glorifying trees, butterflies, along
with the serenity brought with night
and the moon’s beautiful light.  

The red birds never understood
and thought “How could
this song be more than just sounds?”
For they had songs of metal rounds
and keeping their feathers smooth. 
Only that song could ever soothe

“Let us stay”
the red birds would say.
The blue birds were kind,
“fly in every space you find”
The blue birds only wanted to soar-
nothing more.

Louder, the red birds grew;
it was part of the plan they knew.
They cut away the blue birds’ voices,
and left them with no choices
but to keep quiet in the blue of the sky
and to only let red birds fly.

The clouds forgot the blue song
of trees, butterflies, and long
summer days picking berries.
The red birds were the scaries
to be obeyed with a single note.
Blue birds were brought on their boat.

But for the young hatchlings, it sunk,
the useless metal hunk.
They only wanted to fly
freely and so they did cry.
Some shades had died out,
not leaving even a trace of a shout.
One day, the blue birds will fly
freely across the same blue sky
as the red birds.
They shall fly in mixed herds,
as both have red coursing through their veins,
allowing them to feel emotional pains.

A common sight, little blue hatchlings in joy
that a free sky they can enjoy.
And the red hatchlings feeling
that they too, want to learn the appealing
song of the blue birds, for it was more
than sounds, it ringed right to their core.

And so the blue birds did sing,
great content it did bring
for the red birds, it was a way
to colour the grey
upon the blue birds they had splashed
as feelings of remorse flashed.

All birds deserve a chance to touch a cloud
and to sing their song clear and loud.
The blue birds may still feel mute,
but for a better friendship we can shoot.
We can help them remember their song,
one day, we will sing along.

Of trees, butterflies, the summer breeze: 
A song that will come to us with ease.