First-Year Teacher Jennifer Elmore Named as Edwin Parr Award Nominee

Mar. 11, 2019

L-R Trustees Richard Hehr, Althea Adams, Lisa Davis, Marilyn Dennis, Jennifer Elmore, Trustee Trina Hurdman, Trustee Mike Bradshaw, Trustee Julie Hrdlicka, and Sandy Mann, Principal at Christine Meikle School

First-year teacher Jennifer Elmore has taken on every challenge presented to her this year. The Grades 7-12 teacher at Christine Meikle School went into this school year with the desire to be the best teacher she could be for her students – and she succeeded. Her determination and ability has earned her the Calgary Board of Education’s nomination for the 2019 Alberta School Boards Association Edwin Parr Award. 

Elmore has made her classroom a hub of learning and inclusion. She sets high expectations for her students, focusing on the possibilities rather than the barriers.

Sandy Mann, principal of Christine Meikle School, said “Jennifer is passionate about her students becoming as independent as possible. She is aware that some of her students are not often given choice in their day so she givens them as much control in the classroom as possible.” 

Elmore has been called a collaborative, reflective and dedicated teacher, who has taken on her work with a passion and zeal that is unmatched.

“When I was told that I would be teaching a class of medically fragile students with high communication needs, I was understandably nervous,” she told the Board of Trustees. “Because Christine Meikle took a risk on me, I have discovered a passion that I did not know that I had. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I have been given, and for the people in my life that helped me to become the best teacher I could possibly be.”

The Edwin Parr Teacher Award is given annually to a novice teacher who demonstrates initial teaching proficiency. If she is selected as the zone winner, she will be recognized along with the five other zone winners from across Alberta at a ceremony this fall. 

Carol Hall, Jennifer Elmore, and Sandy Mann