Geoff and Bob Snider | Legacy Award Winners

May. 13, 2019

For their leadership both on and off the lacrosse field and their commitment to student athletes, Geoff and Bob Snider are the latest recipients of the CBE Legacy Award.

These two brothers are known as athletes, coaches and mentors, as well as entrepreneurs. They have dedicated their lives to the sport of lacrosse and giving back to their community.

They were first introduced to lacrosse as part of their physical education classes at Captain John Palliser School. Their passion for the sport started at a young age and led them on to play competitively, and then eventually professionally.

Both Geoff and Bob were able to combine their athletic and academic achievements. They each earned sports scholarships to play NCAA lacrosse in the United States after graduating from Sir Winston Churchill High School.

The brothers have also been both teammates and rivals in the National Lacrosse League. They have played for the Calgary Roughnecks. Geoff retired in 2016 and Bob is still with the team today.

In 2007, Geoff founded Elev8 Lacrosse to provide a high level of instruction to young athletes in the growing sports of both field and box lacrosse.

With his brother coaching, the two have produced a series of creative and integrated programs spanning the life cycle of the sport. This starts with training at the grassroots introductory level and moves to camps, clinics and tech sessions, and then all the way to elite club programs and coaching mentorship.

Geoff and Bob are able to use their experience and expertise to help student athletes and their families though the NCAA recruiting process. Earlier this year, Elev8 Lacrosse celebrated the acceptance of their 100th athlete from the program to an NCAA school. Through the brothers’ guidance and leadership, more young people have the opportunity to combine their love of the sport with further academic pursuits.

They are also able to share their experiences growing up with the sport with a new generation of Calgary students. Since 2015, the Elev8 Classroom Program has introduced lacrosse to more than 70,000 students in the Calgary area. These students have the basic skills to play the game within a week of working with the students.

Geoff says this reminds him of his own experience of holding a lacrosse stick for the first time in Grade 5. That moment changed his life, and now he has come full circle in CBE schools offering his passion and expertise through the classroom lacrosse program.

The brothers have said they try to convey the core values of education, family, commitment, respect, integrity, accountability, and a balanced perspective in sport and community. They encourage student athletes to follow their lead in the pursuit of individual potential, and to strive for excellence in both a team environment and as citizens in the community.

About the CBE Legacy Award

The CBE Legacy Award celebrates public education in Calgary, and the individuals who have contributed to our communities. In every corner of the city, across the country and beyond, our alumni have made a lasting impact.

Public education makes a difference in our communities, our country and our world. Legacy Award recipients embody the work of the public education system and represent the legacy of the CBE: preparing students for life, work and inspiring life-long learning.