Hockey and Cancer Help Teach Perseverance at King George School

Dec. 07, 2016


It was no mistake that perseverance was chosen twice as King George School’s virtue of the month. The students have had a number of notable role models to inspire them to develop this fundamental character trait. On December 1st the school was delighted to welcome Calgary Flames forward Alex Chiasson to their monthly assembly. The Montreal-born hockey player spoke in French about his experience with perseverance, explaining to parents and students that working hard towards his goals sometimes involved sacrifices, such as training and practicing when everyone else was relaxing or out having fun. Students, staff and parents in the audience got to watch the hockey hero and perseverence in action in a floor hockey match. Chiasson and a Grade 1 teacher at King George faced off against teams of students, who stepped up to the challenge of playing their favorite sport with a professional hockey player.

Chiasson wasn’t the only hero being honored at this assembly. Jade, a Grade 2 student at King George, has been battling brain cancer. She too is a King George Hero demonstrating incredible perseverance as she undergoes chemotherapy treatments. Although Jade was unable to leave the hospital, her mother Jocelyn attended the assembly and recorded a video of the tributes that Jade’s teachers, classmates and school community made in recognition of the strength and tenacity the eight-year-old girl puts forth every day. Singing “Tout la Bonheur du Monde” (all the joy in the world), Jade’s teacher Alexi Hewitt hoped to send the message that “we are all sending her our best wishes.  We want her to know that we are on her team.” Moved by her story, hockey guest Alex Chiasson donated a signed jersey and the school’s parent council unveiled a crowdfunding site for donations.