HOPE Awards Recognize Contributions of CBE Staff

Jun. 04, 2018

​​Aspen Family & Community Network is a non-profit, human services organization serving youth, families and communities in Calgary and the surrounding area for more than 34 years.  Together, they are leading the way as agents for action and sustainable change.  A number of years ago, a young girl named Hope was and her family were working with Aspen during a difficult time.  Even though Hope and her family were receiving support, when she heard the stories of other families, she was moved to action.  Hope – a small girl with a big heart – spurred Aspen to honour all our collective contributions to Calgary and the community. Thus, in 2005, the Inaugural Aspen Family and Community Network HOPE Awards were born.

HOPE awards winners are nominated by Aspen staff or board members and recognize individuals, teams and organizations who, in partnership with Aspen, have made substantial contributions in the lives of Calgarians experiencing significant life changes.  These awards recognize excellence for those making the greatest impact on complex community problems while demonstrating the values of community, empathy, partnership and diversity.

This year’s recipients, who were honoured at the HOPE awards at the Carriage House on May 31, are:

2018 HOPE Award Recipients

  • Steve Wigglesworth, Principal, Catherine Nichols Gunn School
  • Alyssa Fehr – Learning Leader, Discovering Choices
  • Gemma Epp – Learning Leader, H.D. Cartwright School

2018 HOPE Nominees

  • Kim Alladin – Learning Leader, Sir Winston Churchill
  • Matt Sticksl – Teacher, Woods Homes School
  • Leslie Robertson, Principal, Susan Faulkner, Assistant Principal, Kyle Khubyar, Learning Leader, Joni Mallabone, Resource Teacher – Willow Park School

Congratulations to all of our nominees and recipients.

2018 Aspen Family and Community Network Hope Awards