Innovation Smash-Up at Abbeydale School

Dec. 06, 2016

What would you do with a box filled with surprise materials? The ingenious Grade 5 students at Abbeydale School came up with an award-winning creation when they participated in the Beakerhead’s Ingenuity Challenge Sept. 14 – 18, 2016.

The prompt was MUSIC. Beakerhead challenge to students was to be as creative and unique as they could to create something about music. The students at Abbeydale School were sent a package full of ping pong balls, glow-sticks, elastics, tin cans and bubble wrap. Their mission was to merge art and science in an unusual way through the clever use of the simple surprise materials.

The students brainstormed many ideas and then chose their favourite. Through creative collaboration the students combined sound, color and light to create a short, innovative video for submission.

In his presentation of the award for the K – 5 category on Nov. 1, 2016 to Abbeydale School, Jay Ingram, co-founder of Beakerhead, highlighted the ingenuity of the work and commented on how it stood out amongst the 250 submissions. He shared that each moment in the video had something to hear or look at and that there was a strong sense of continuity throughout the 30 second video. Assessed on originality, creativity, teamwork and technological intrigue, Jay shared that the Abbeydale video held its own in the company of the award winning submission for Grades 6-12.

Please visit our school website to view the video.