JB Music Therapy | September 2017 Lighthouse Award

Sep. 12, 2017

JB Music Therapy has been providing music therapy in CBE schools for 24 years. Over this time, JB Music Therapy has been in over twenty different schools and special settings.

Through their program, therapists provide weekly cohort music therapy sessions to students with moderate to complex learning challenges. The development of communication skills is a priority for these students and the interactive nature of music therapy provides a natural opportunity to elicit and teach basic responses. Some of these critical skills include making eye contact, sustaining attention, and other non-verbal means of communication.

Through collaboration and consultation with each student’s teacher, personalized goals are developed for each therapy session. Therapists then use music therapy to improve mobility and memory, as well as communication skills. Other outcomes also include increased self-regulation, decreased signs and feelings of depression, decreased stress & anxiety, reduced perception of pain and improved overall health. All of these outcomes contribute to both the academic success and personal development of each student.

Additionally, JB Music Therapy collaborates with and offers in-service training to CBE teachers.  This helps to achieve two key goals: helping our teachers and support staff better know their learners, and providing them with tools and strategies that create conditions for success for these students.

JB Music Therapy builds and sustains a unique and dynamic relationship with each student and school with whom they interact, going well beyond that of just a service provider. JB Music Therapy is committed to the development of each student’s individual gifts, talents and interests to ensure the highest quality of life for their students not just for their school years, but for their entire life.

It is the CBE’s honour to partner with JB Music Therapy to create inclusive practices and enabling environments for the success of our students. Their work and time with students reinforces the CBE value of putting students first and providing them with a foundation to thrive in life.

“The amount of emotion I felt today ran very deep.  I remember my very first ECS group at Emily Follensbee in 1992 – many students I would follow through to high school.  Thank you so much for making us feel special. We look forward to our continued relationship with the CBE.”

Jennifer Buchanan | President
JB Music Therapy