Kick-Off | Help Shape the Future of High School

May. 14, 2019

​Get involved, share your ideas and help us balance enrolment 

The Calgary Board of Education is kicking off our high school engagement with a survey for students, parents, staff and community members. The survey will be open from May 15 – June 9.

Over the next two years, we will be asking for your input and feedback on how we can balance student enrolment across 20 of our high schools. Within the next five years, our projections show that 10 CBE high schools will be operating between 100 and 150 per cent of their capacity, while seven high schools will be operating between 50 and 85 per cent of their capacity. Only three of 20 high schools are projected to be within the balanced utilization range of (85 – 100 per cent) that best supports student learning.  

When student enrolment at a school is either too high or too low it affects student access, flexibility and choice in programming and extracurricular activities including athletics and clubs for students. It simply does not make sense to have several schools with an abundance of available space while many others are full beyond their capacity.  

We are committed to student success and supporting students on their path to high school completion along with making the best use of available space and resources in our existing facilities.  

For more details, please watch our video.  

Visit the High School Engagement webpage to complete the survey and learn more. Please get involved and stay involved. Your voice is important!

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