Kindness Sprouts at Canyon Meadows School

Jan. 22, 2020

​One of Canyon Meadows School's goals is for every member of the community to “Be Kind to yourself, others and our great school” as a key element to create an environment where students, teachers and families can thrive. With this purpose in mind, our Winter Celebrations focused on emotional awareness to foster kindness.

Kindergarten students have been discovering and sharing ideas about what makes them special. They highlighted the importance of appreciating what makes each of us unique.

Grade 1 classes have been learning about how colours represent emotions. They created a story combining the traditional seasonal character of the Grinch who stole the colours, with the main character of the book “The Colour Monster” who had his emotions mixed up.


The Grade 2 classes used their knowledge about Canadian communities and citizenship to show us the potential to make the world a better place, from appreciating ourselves in nature to celebrating each other.


The Grade 3 students shared their travels around the world by travelling on a Magic School Bus. They showcased the essence of the cultures of Peru, Ukraine and India on a journey that uncovered the values that bind us as people of the world.


Many other initiatives have sprouted around the school to encourage kindness, to develop self-regulation tools and foster social skills. For example, students have posted kind actions on kindness trees, created a campaign to promote the use of the buddy bench, participated in kindness books read-aloud and engaged in a kindness chain to inspire others to “pay it forward”. As a Grade one student explained, “We only need one rule at our school, be kind, because if we follow this rule everything else will be OK.”