Embracing Construction – A Collaborative Approach

Dec. 15, 2021

Le Roi Daniels School is fortunate to be receiving a required school upgrade. As this project is both lengthy and all-encompassing, the staff and students decided to embrace the construction chaos and make it part of our learning environment. Through multiple collaborative steps, the blank, stark, white, temporary construction wall has been transformed into a beautiful piece of artwork where all students were able to add a splash of colour.

Administration painted a scenic background and then enlisted two talented teacher artists, Joanne Korpesio and Kiersten Stieger, who created a natural mural that covered the expansive construction wall throughout the hallways. As the mural evolved, classes were invited to work together in colouring parts of the mural until all students and staff were able to participate. Throughout this process, students felt a sense of ownership and belonging in the collaborative piece and feel connected to this project in a more meaningful way.

Just as the students feel connected to this project, school staff found joy by creating their own Le Roi Daniels construction team during the school Hallowe’en celebration. All students enjoyed seeing staff dressed in their construction gear and were excited to see all of the staff come together to embrace construction within the school. As a school community, we have learned how to be flexible and find joy and happiness amongst the uncertainty that construction and changing timelines can sometimes cause. This project has reminded us that we are truly in this together.