Lester B Pearson High School Student Recognized as Alberta WE Change-Maker

May. 25, 2020

Lester B Pearson High School student, Israa Hassan made sure her high school experience was an enriching one, but not just for herself, for others also. Volunteering, leading humanitarian efforts and organizing a Human Rights Conference at the school are just a few of the many ways Israa has left a lasting impact on those around her. Israa has also noted that these experiences enhanced her own skills in addition to helping others. “I’m now more adaptable than ever and can easily find creative solutions for problems. I can delegate tasks with more ease and am able to manage my time efficiently. Not only have these opportunities allowed me to grow, they have also made me more open minded, and I’m now better able to understand different points of view.”

A grade 12 student, Israa is being recognized as an agent for change and a leader both at the school level, and nationally. For her contributions in Human Rights and Social Justice awareness, she has been selected as Alberta’s change maker and graduating student by WE.org. As part of this recognition, Israa will be serving as the valedictorian representing our province as a part of WE Celebrate Class of 2020. Tune into the WE Day Special on June 6 at 8 PM ET/PT on CTV to watch Israa’s valedictorian address and the celebration. Congratulations to Israa and her fellow graduates of 2020.


Emcees for the Calgary High School Human Rights Conference 2020 (Israa is on the far right)