Lighthouse Award | Calgary Cinderella Project

Feb. 05, 2020

The Calgary Cinderella Project received a CBE Lighthouse Award for making students, who are facing adversity, feel special and respected on their graduation days.

For almost 15 years, the Calgary Cinderella Project has dressed students in beautiful gowns and accessories that make their graduation day the special event it deserves to be. The generosity and commitment of its volunteers have turned more than 3,000 students’ academic milestone into a memory they will always carry.

What the Calgary Cinderella Project does is so much more than providing graduation finery. Led by a dedicated core group of volunteers – many of whom have worked for the CBE – they apply their professional expertise to create a safe and beautiful mental and physical space. It is a place where students feel safe and good about themselves, and leave with a brightened outlook. This core group has poured time, thought and themselves into the project. We appreciate and applaud the wonderful impact they, along with the hundreds of other volunteers, have made on so many young people’s lives.

Youth Central will lead the Calgary Cinderella Project in 2020 and going forward with the continued support of the volunteer committee. It will continue to showcase student strength, resiliency and hard work.

The award was presented at the Feb. 4 Board of Trustees meeting.

 Board of Trustees, CBE graduates and volunteers of the Calgary Cincerella Project.