Lighthouse Award | Ever Active Schools

Nov. 06, 2019

Ever Active Schools has received a CBE Lighthouse Award, for their role in supporting CBE students to learn the importance of leading an active lifestyle and understanding the benefits of physical wellness.

Ever Active Schools is a provincial initiative designed to create and support healthy school communities. It engages and supports schools, addressing health and education goals to improve the social outcomes of children and youth in Alberta. Within the CBE, it has helped support the integration of a Comprehensive School Health approach, which is a whole-school model to build capacity to incorporate well-being as an essential aspect of student achievement.

For nearly two decades, Ever Active Schools has positively impacted students by bringing wellness and physical activity into approximately 70 per cent of our schools. They have organized and supported teachers in many professional learning opportunities and initiatives. Ever Active Schools focuses on teaching and learning, social and physical spaces, partnerships and healthy school policies. Their initiatives help us support students in achieving physical wellness, healthy eating and positive mental health and social relationships.

The award was presented at the Nov. 5 Board of Trustees meeting.



Chris Felon-MacDonald, Ever Active Schools, with Rosscarrock School student Marwa S. and principal Brenna Fraser.