Litter Disappears Around Copperfield School

May. 08, 2017

By Students of Copperfield School on April 21, 2017

Did you know that April is Earth Month? If you were outside on Wednesday, Apr. 19 you may have seen many small and large groups of children heading to Wildflower Pond, next to Copperfield School.  Equipped with gloves, plastic bags, friends and good intentions, they were determined to help clean the environment. Students, staff and volunteers joined together for this event. 

Litter that had accumulated over the winter quickly disappeared from the edge of the pond and the pathways. Why were we doing this?  As one student reflected, "We don't want the Earth to have garbage everywhere. We only have one Earth!"  Students understand that people are trying to keep animals and the land healthy. By cleaning up the garbage, it can help animals. For example, if a bird ate plastic or glass it might become sick. 

Everyone who was participating also discovered some unexpected gifts. They had the chance to see wildlife! Redwing blackbirds, muskrats, fish, and evidence of animal homes were some of the treasures that were found.

We are hoping to save our environment. Taking care of the land can be fun but hard work. One student said, "I was tired, but it was about celebrating Earth Week." Copperfield School certainly has heart!