Marguerite Trussler | Calgary Board of Education Legacy Award Winner

Oct. 13, 2016

Chair Joy Bowen-Eyre presents the Legacy Award to Marguerite Trussler

The CBE Legacy Award celebrates public education in Calgary and the individuals who have contributed to our communities. In every corner of the city, across the country and beyond, our alumni have made a lasting impact. Legacy Award recipients will embody the work of the public education system and represent the legacy of the CBE: preparing students for life, work and inspiring life-long learning.

The CBE Board of Trustees presented the first Legacy Award to Marguerite Trussler on October 11, 2016.

Marguerite Trussler, the Ethics Commissioner for the Province of Alberta, attended three CBE schools: Capitol Hill Elementary, Branton Junior High School and William Aberhart High School.

She is well respected in Alberta’s legal and justice community, serving for more than 20 years on the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, seven years as the chair of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, and currently as the Ethics Commissioner of Alberta.

Her work in family law reform revolutionized the approach to separation and divorce for Albertans and Canadians, ensuring that the focus remains on supporting children so they can be successful in the future.

She was the president of the Canadian chapter of the International Association of Women Judges, a member of the editorial board of the Canadian Bar Review, and co-authored a textbook on mortgage foreclosure law with her husband, along with many more achievements.

A long-time advocate of education and patron of the arts, Trussler has worked to support the funding of scholarships for students in the arts. She was the driving force behind the William Aberhart High School 50th Anniversary reunion and the establishment of two alumni scholarships managed by EducationMatters.

“Marguerite, you are an advocate for the rights of children, for education and lifelong learning and for supporting students to pursue their passions. You have achieved great success in academics, in work, and in life,” said CBE Board Chair, Joy Bowen-Eyre, when she presented the award. “You are an excellent example of a CBE alumna who lives the Results we work towards for our students, and you have truly made a difference to your community.”

Marguerite’s devotion to community and encouraging others to be engaged citizens is an incredible legacy. Her determination and refusal to give up on her goals demonstrates the importance of building character and personal development, two of the CBE’s Results.

Congratulations, Marguerite!

About the Legacy Award

Since 2002, the CBE Board of Trustees have recognized significant CBE alumni through the Distinguished Alumni Program administered by EducationMatters, the CBE's charitable trust. In the past 14 years, recipients have included Olympians, philanthropists, politicians, doctors and others who have made an impact on the lives of Albertans, and who exemplify the CBE Results.

The CBE Distinguished Alumni Awards were the catalyst for the creation of EducationMatters' Emerging Leaders fund. Student leadership opportunities, civic engagement initiatives and post-secondary student awards are among the projects supported through this fund.

The CBE Legacy Award is a fresh take on recognizing the achievements of our alumni. Success at the CBE is highly personal, with each student defining how they learn best and our teachers working to recognize the unique talents and gifts of each student. We want to acknowledge the individuals who continue this work, who use their unique talents to make our world better, the former students who are our legacy.

Nominations for the Legacy Award are accepted year round. The form is available on the CBE website.