McKenzie Towne School Students Create Flanders Field

Nov. 27, 2019

​To honour Remembrance Day, McKenzie Towne School students created a field of poppies to represent Flanders Field. Students used a variety of artistic media to design their poppies. After completing their poppy, students personally placed it on the banner mounted at the entrance to the gymnasium. All 560 students were proud to see and had ownership for the poppy that they had made which added to the overall beauty of Flanders Field.

As students, parents and staff entered the gym for the Remembrance Day service at the school on Friday, Nov. 8, everyone marveled at and were overcome by the magnificence of the art, and the significance of its representation. During the service, Grade 4 students, including Chase and Autumn, pictured with Principal, Dr. Lorraine Slater reflected on the meaning of the poppy and its importance in remembering those who served our country.